Impenetrableâ„¢ Cap

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Protect your brain from RF (radio-frequency) pollution with this stylish EMF Shielding Baseball Cap. It is specially designed to shield the head from frequencies from below AM through microwave, including cellular phone frequencies, lined with sophisticated Polyester/Cotton blended with micro-fine stainless steel fibers for excellent radiation protection. Ideal if you want to protect yourself from harmful radiation and 5G! The fabric is genuinely comfortable, has a very natural feel and is super durable.

Research links RF radiation with behavioral and cellular disturbances. Many people can sense the differences in the levels of “mind noise” from RF radiation. Provide your brain a quiet place without interference to your mental processes from RF radiation.

– Adult cap with an electromagnetic shielding function
– Protect your head from electromagnetic waves.
– More than 90% of the electromagnetic wave is blocked (by our measurement)
– Antimicrobial
– Adjustable size


Impenetrableâ„¢ Cap
$99.99 $49.99 Select options